Historical information on establishment of Eucharistic Adoration of San Antonio (EASA) 

We are a non-profit Texas Corporation maintained in San Antonio, Bexar County,Texas. Serving the Archdiocese of San Antonio since 1997   We depend completely on donations to operate. We have grown from 24 parishes with  regular hours of expostion in 1998 to over 150 parish, mission, and shrine locations today. We do not charge anything for our assistance in this ministry, but gratefully accept financial donations. 

We grew out of 6 volunteers who were meeting to brainstorm on how we might spread Eucharistic Adoration. We began to form as an organization in 1997.  There was a documentary, "I Am The Living Bread," being filmed here in San Antonio. This 30-minute documentary, debuted at the July 1997 San Antonio Marian Conference.  In November  1997, we mailed out 1300 videotapes to priests, religious and lay faithful in our Archdiocese with a letter from Archbishop Patrick F. Flores encouraging increased adoration. The response to this was so dramatic that it  became a full-time effort to respond.  "I Am The Living Bread" (Yo Soy el Pan de Vida) has proved to be a powerful world-wide evangelization tool, as a strong witness to the fruits of Eucharistic Adoration.   

We officially organized our Board of Directors and made a full-time effort by March 1998.   We incorporated in the state of Texas on December 28, 1998, as Eucharistic Adoration of San Antonio, Inc. (EASA)       The Holy Spirit has stirred a desire in us to continue to help facilitate the increase of Eucharistic Adoration. We are a lay movement of the Church with an original founding  governing board made up of the following  laity and clergy:    Archbishop Patrick F. Flores, Bishop Bernard F. Popp, Deacon Thomas Fox,  Father Thomas Fitzgerald, SSS, Mary LaBonnville  and officers of the corporation included;  Mary T. Corcoran, President , Victor H. Negron, Jr., Vice President and Robert S. Ott, Treasurer. We contracted for the full-time director to meet daily operational needs of EASA, and services as needed of a Bookkeeper, CPA and Corp. Attorney. Our Corporate Book & current listing of By-Laws & Board of Directors is located at the EASA Offices, San Antonio, TX   [For current governing board of directors, click on  "Board of Directors" tab] 

We developed a website with 8 language translation capability, to advance adoration to all reaches of the world.  Our Apostolate was featured on Catholic Radio, Local Catholic TV Cable, National Newspaper and Magazine articles (Articles).    Eternal Word Television Network (
EWTN) began broadcasting our documentary in English and Spanish, January 1999, and continues to regularly broadcast it to more than 123 million homes in 140 countries around the world.  The archdiocese received a communication from the Vatican, asking to share with them the source of the phenomenal growth in Eucharistic adoration in the Archdiocese of San Antonio and recognizing the archdiocese as a role model for setting up Eucharistic adoration programs in other dioceses.  (See Today’s Catholic Article, September 3, 2004- Attachment 2)  Archbishop Flores shared this information with his brother priests in a letter dated January 12, 2000 (Click here)      As of February 2000 our organization, EASA, is included in the USCCB  Group Ruling under the umbrella of the Archdiocese of San Antonio,  and is listed in the Official Catholic Directory (Kenedy Book), .  

When we began there were approximately 24 parishes with some form of Eucharistic Adoration on a regular basis.  Today, there are over 150 parish, shrine, mission, with regular exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament and still growing. There are many other accomplishments that can be viewed in the attached activity reports. (or scroll down for Today's Catholic Article, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of San Antonio)  These results are the fruits of 30 years of prayers by many individuals in this Archdiocese.
We developed special theme holy hours, including Holy Hours for Vocations, Children, Families, Teens, Pro-life and 1st Friday all night Vigils of Reparation.  We organize groups to make their St. Louis de Montfort Consecration to Jesus through Mary and 1st Saturday devotions.  We assist parish coordinators, at their parish, where pastors have desired to begin and/or expand Eucharistic Adoration providing resources for speakers, pamphlets, and sign-up weekend coordination, newsletters, Videos, on-line adoration directory and other educational materials.  We conduct quarterly meetings for all coordinators with dynamic speakers  at the Archdiocese Pastoral Center (chancery atrium).   EASA assisted with our Archdiocese Jubilee Year 2000 Eucharistic Congress and participates in local, National and International Eucharistic Congresses.  We lead a group to the 48th International Eucharistic Congress 2004, in
Guadalajara, MX.   We organize the Archdiocese of San Antonio Solemnity of Corpus Christi Eucharistic Procession, now (2007) in its 13th year, providing public witness of the Real Presence of Jesus. 

The following article as bee reprinted with permission from Today’s Catholic newspaper, official publication of the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

Eucharistic Adoration of San Antonio delivers 24/7

by Carol Sowa
Today's Catholic

The Corpus Christi eucharistic procession, organized by EASA, passes through the streets of downtown San Antonio on June 13, with Father Augustine "Gus" Amanzeh carrying the Blessed Sacrament under a canopy.
Photo by Mary T. Corcoran

    SAN ANTONIO • Depending on a person’s age, they might recall a childhood where a person could step into a church at any time of day or night for a one-on-one with Christ, present in the Blessed Sacrament. Gradually, in the latter part of the 20th century, this ended, as more and more churches began to lock their doors after services.
    The Archdiocese of San Antonio has dramatically reversed this trend through the work of Eucharistic Adoration of San Antonio (EASA) — resulting in a windfall of blessings for area parishes. This nonprofit lay movement, under the umbrella of the archdiocese, promotes and facilitates the adoration of Christ in the Eucharist and has helped throw open long-locked church doors, not only in the San Antonio area, but nationally and even internationally.
“We’ve gone from 24 parishes with some form of adoration in 1997,” said EASA Director/President Mary T. Corcoran, “to today, in this archdiocese alone, we have over 150 parishes, shrines, missions, including the military archdiocese bases.” The organization grew from a group of six local volunteers in 1997, who met to brainstorm spreading eucharistic adoration.
    A 30-minute documentary, featuring personal testimonies on the good news of eucharistic adoration, had been shot here in San Antonio that same year, and the group set out to mail free copies of this video, I Am The Living Bread — Discovering Jesus in the Eucharist (Ignatius Press), to priests and religious communities throughout the archdiocese. A Spanish language version was sent to a bishops’ conference in Mexico.

    To date, over 3,000 copies have been sent out to fulfill EASA’s mission to encourage and support the increase of eucharistic adoration in the archdiocese and throughout the world and give greater honor and glory to God.
    “It’s continually being shown on EWTN,” said Corcoran, “which reaches every continent in the world now. And so, whenever EWTN shows this video of adoration in
San Antonio, our little office … that telephone line will go crazy!” She notes that, “When I look at it today — the same video — I see these beautiful graces and growth that has happened in every one of these parishes that’s listed.”
    A letter from Archbishop Patrick F. Flores, inviting increased eucharistic adoration, accompanied the original videos.
    The archbishop later received a communication from the
Vatican, asking him to share with them the source of the phenomenal growth in eucharistic adoration in the Archdiocese of San Antonio and recognizing the archdiocese as a role model for setting up eucharistic adoration programs in other dioceses.

    In the year 2000 the church celebrated its Jubilee Year. “The Holy Father requested that we ‘open the doors,’” related Corcoran. “And part of that opening of the doors to the church to get closer to our Lord — and opening the doors of our hearts — was achieved through perpetual eucharistic adoration, where a chapel, or a church, a sanctuary is open 24 hours a day, seven days per week, with our Lord exposed in the monstrance.”
    As part of the program in parishes, at least two persons are signed up to commit as adorers for the same time period every week.

    Each parish has a coordinator and all parish coordinators meet quarterly on Saturdays in the chancery.
    The next meeting takes place Saturday, Nov. 13, from
1:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the chancery atrium and is open to all. Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Bernard F. Popp (who serves with Archbishop Flores on EASA’s Board of Directors) has been speaking at these gatherings on “Preparing for the Year of the Eucharist,” which begins this October.
    He also plans to cover the recent document from the
Vatican, “Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World.”
    “We respond to a need. We respond to the Holy Spirit. We respond to the calls that come in,” says Corcoran, who refers to the EASA group as a response team. “I keep a book called The HEART Team, which is an acronym for His Eucharistic Adoration Response Team,” she adds.
The group does not charge anything for their assistance and depends completely upon donations to operate.

    A complete listing of all eucharistic adoration sites in the archdiocese is printed in the archdiocesan Catholic directory and in flyers they print and can also be found on the group’s Web site, www.adore24.org.
    The group annually organizes the local procession on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi which, for the past 10 years, has processed from St. Mary’s to
St. JosephChurch downtown.
    As part of that event, participants draw the name of an area priest or deacon for whom to pray throughout the year.
    Supporting priests through prayer is especially important to EASA, who is proud to note the springing up of spiritual bouquet postings by eucharistic adoration participants for their parish priests.
EASA members are preparing for two major events this fall.
    There will be a Eucharistic Congress held Sept. 24-25 in
Washington, D.C. at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, with the theme being “Heaven Unites with Earth.”
It is sponsored by the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious, which represents more than 100 religious communities.

    The congress is free of charge and open to all and will consist of a solemn celebration of the liturgy, catechesis, prayer, eucharistic procession and adoration and special activities designed for youth.
Speakers include Justin Cardinal Rigali, Francis Cardinal Arinze, James Francis Cardinal Stafford, Coadjutor Bishop Daniel DiNardo of
Houston, Sister Nirmala of the Missionaries of Charity, Father Peter Girard, OP, Father Henry Lemoncelli, OMI and Anne Nguyen thi Ham-Tieu (sister of the late Francis Xavier Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan).
    A concert will feature singer Janis Clarke. There is a competition for an original eucharistic hymn, a student art contest and special programs for the elderly.
    The youth track, titled “HEY U!” (heaven, earth, youth unite), hopes to draw young members of the church to a deeper understanding of and love for the Eucharist. Issues of isolation, alienation and individualism will be addressed. HEY U! will feature music, speakers, eucharistic adoration, candlelight procession and many fun activities.

    For more information, visit www.cmswr.org or write CMSWR, P.O. Box 4467, Washington, D.C.20017.
    The 48th annual International Eucharistic Congress takes place Oct. 10-17 in
Guadalajara, Mexico, with the theme “The Eucharist, Light and Life of the New Millennium.”
    Registration for this event has already closed.
    For additional information on EASA, visit their Web site at www.adore24.org, e-mail Adore24@aol.com, or write: EASA,
P.O. Box 691006, San Antonio, TX78269-1006.

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